Encourage Reading

"The single most important thing a parent can do to help a child learn to read is to transmit a love of reading"


Phyllis C. Hunter, National Fellow of the Institute for Learning

There are many wonderful resources available to help you with encouraging children to read. You'll find lots of information, activities, and tips in these links....

Launching Young Readers

From PBS, a nine-part public television series on reading. The website has lots of useful background information as well as practical tips and further links 

Reading Tips & Tools

From Let's Read, some tips & tools developed by early literacy & early childhood experts that provide practical information on reading with children every day from birth.

8 Ways to Establish an Everyday Reading Routine

Helpful and practical steps to creating a great reading routine for your children

Start with a Book

Start with a Book offers parents, caregivers, and librarians lots of engaging ideas for getting kids hooked on reading, exploring and learning.

Guide to life: Parents play crucial role in nurturing love of reading

There are strong correlations between parental actions and the frequency with which children read.

Motivating Kids to Read

A selection of articles from Reading is Fundamental (RRIF) that explain why and what parents and teachers can do to motivate kids to read.

Getting your Child Ready to Read

One in a series of brochures produced by the Internaitonal Reading Association in response to questions that parents frequently ask about their children’s reading instruction. Includes helpful tips and practical ideas.

Increasing Motivation: Reading Tips from Kids

From Reading Rockets, tried-and-true guidelines on how to motivate kids to read.

Let them Catch You Reading

Lots of experts have advice to help your children read. Here's one suggestion offered in ten different varieties, and it’s all to do with the power of modelling....

Surprising tips that help kids learn to read

Almost every adult who cares for young children knows that sharing books with them is an important way to promote their reading skills. But research shows that subtle features of the way adults act during story-time make a big difference in children’s literacy—and that most grownups aren’t using these simple but effective techniques.

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Education expert Ann Dolin shares her tips for encouraging children to read by finding topics they will be interested in, suggesting popular series or utilizing reading technology.

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