Choosing a "Just Right" book


Teach children to follow these simple steps to choose a "just right" book. 


Look at the cover

Read the "blurb" on the back

Read the first page

Use the "Five Finger Rule"

The Five Finger Rule


  1. Choose a book and read a page

  2. Put one finger up for every word you don't know

  3. Each time you come to a word you don't know, hold one finger up

  4. If five of your fingers go up while reading a page, choose another book

  5. If only two or three fingers go up you've found a "just right" book.

A "Too Easy" Book


I have read the book many times

There are no tricky words

I can read the story without having to think about it

I can retell the story easily

I don't need any help reading this book

A "Too Hard" Book


There are more than five tricky words on a page

I am confused about what is happening in the story

I have to reread a lot

When I read the words I am slow and sound choppy

I need help reading this book

A "Just Right" Book


The book is new to me

It looks interesting

I understand what is happening in most of the story

I can retell what I have read

I recognise most of the words on the page, but there are some words to work on

I can read the book by myself, but may need some help if I hit a tough spot


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